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A safe environment for your baby

You’ll probably know powder colours for the nursery of your baby. But are you familiair with powder coating? It’s another way to provide wooden furniture with a protective layer and colour. This has a couple of benefits for you and your baby. 

A more durable finish
Even before and after the terrible twos, babies, infants and children can be a mischievous lot. Luckily, Covestro’s powder coatings provide furniture with better resistance to scratches and bumps compared to standard coatings, thanks to their high-strength finish qualities. So, while the little one is out and about exploring the house, the furniture can be sure to withstand anything that comes its way.   

Natural is the safest way
If you think anything like us, nothing is more important than a child’s wellbeing. That’s why our Covestro powder solutions are designed with safety as top of mind. By electrostatically charging a substrate, applying powder coating, and curing it in an oven, fewer potentially harmful chemicals are required to paint furniture. The result? A more natural coating that is better for the environment and better for children’s health. Smile! 

Mix and match
Preparing meals, washing clothes, preparing the little ones for school… life is not always easy as a parent! Thanks to the special properties of Covestro’s powder coatings, though, styling a child’s room can be made just a little simpler. A wide range of substrates can be decorated with our powder coatings, meaning that a child’s room can have matching furniture of all types. One thing less on a parent’s mind – phew! 

Durable and safe baby crib finish

What makes powder coating unique? Powder coating is a durable product. The coating lasts a long time and the scratch resistance is better so it can handle a little bump. The quality of the powder coating is higher than that of normal coatings. Powder has been widely used to coat metal, but Covestro developed a technique that also coats wood and MDF with powder. Through electrostatic charge they attract each other. In the oven it is then cured. The result? A coating that is not only better for the environment and your baby will last longer.   

Use your furniture right away

Often you choose powder colours for the baby room. But how about powder coating? That's just another way from the manufacturer to provide wooden furniture with a protective layer and a color. Besides baby cribs that can be powdercoated it is also possible to powder coat the other wooden items in your baby's room. And due to the fact that a powdercoating contains less volatile substances compared to a standard coating, you can use your furniture right away! 

Tips how to decorate a more sustainable and safe baby room

Scratch resistance furniture 

Powdercoating is a sustainable product. The coating lasts longer and it can withstand a bump whilst the little one is growing up. The quality of the powdercoating is higher than normal coatings. And where coating of metal products is already commonly known, Covestro developed a technique that makes it possible to powdercoat MDF and other wood substrates with powder.

Baby safe air purifying plants

Plants: They make you sleep better, produce oxygen and make you happier. Of course, a plant just makes your room also look cozy. But which plants are ideal and safe for your baby's room? We have made a list of 8 plants and start with the most maintenance-friendly. After all, you already have your hands full caring for your little one.

Use sustainable products

You do not need to tell anyone that you do not have to leave a pair of scissors within reach of a baby. But what is even more important for the safety of your baby? Keep in mind the following points when making your baby room safe.

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Uralac® Ultra case studies

Key benefits of Uralac® Ultra

Design freedom

Uralac® Ultra provides a strong, seamless finish – with either textured or smooth appearance – at multiple gloss levels and in many colors.


Uralac® Ultra -treated products have been submitted to key industry standard tests, such as NEN-EN 12720, Blue Wool Scale and hinge hole (Ledro test) benchmarking.


Uralac® Ultra’s fully automated, one-step, low-temperature curing finishing process delivers significant savings in terms of time, labor and energy use.

First time Parents


When you are decorating your child's room you are looking for practical and nice looking furniture. Another aspect to take in consideration is sustainability and child safety (toxic free).
Powder coated furniture gives you all these benefits, without paying more! 

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Many manufacturers have embraced the newest Uralac® Ultra technology because of its many revolutionaty advantages. It is possible to powder coat different types of wood in the most intricate shapes and contours – in any color.
It also safeguards your profitability thanks to a fast and efficient single-coating process with no drying time!

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Frequently asked questions

How is it possible to spray powder on standard “non-conductive” MDF?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Is special MDF needed for powder coating?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Can I use my existing powder coating for metal oven for curing MDF powder?

Most of the conventional curing ovens are convection ovens but the best results for MDF are reached with infrared radiation (IR) ovens. With IR ovens, the surface of the MDF can be heated up quickly to cure the powder coating, while the core of the MDF stays relatively cool. With convention ovens, the temperatures are often too high or the core of the MDF heats-up too much because of the longer time needed to reach the curing temperature.

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