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FAQs (including paint vs powder coating)

What is the difference between powder coating and painting? Is powder better than paint and is it more durable? And economical? Find out here with our FAQs. 

Frequently asked questions

How is it possible to spray powder on standard “non-conductive” MDF?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Is special MDF needed for powder coating?

No special powder-MDF is needed for powder coating – although there are differences between the available qualities and types. We therefore recommend evaluating the MDF type you intend to use before making your pieces. Furthermore, a conditioned storage area is recommended to control the moisture content of the MDF.

Can I use my existing powder coating for metal oven for curing MDF powder?

Most of the conventional curing ovens are convection ovens but the best results for MDF are reached with infrared radiation (IR) ovens. With IR ovens, the surface of the MDF can be heated up quickly to cure the powder coating, while the core of the MDF stays relatively cool. With convention ovens, the temperatures are often too high or the core of the MDF heats-up too much because of the longer time needed to reach the curing temperature.

Can I use a standard powder coating application booth? Why do I need active counter electrodes?

A standard powder coating spray booth can be used. But we highly recommend you install an active counter electrode opposite the spray guns. An active counter electrode helps control the electoral field and the powder wrapping around the board. This results in less powder consumption and a much better finish.

Is there any price difference between powder coating and liquid coating?

Coaters that made the switch from liquid to powder all report a clear price benefit for the powder coating solution.

Where can I try powder coating on my own product?

At Covestro in Zwolle, the Netherlands, we have a pilot line available that can coat products up to approximately 1*2 meters. Make an appointment.

Can I re-use overspray?

Yes. Like any powder coating, the overspray can be collected and re-used by using a recycling cyclone.

Is changing a color easy?

Yes. Like any powder coating, a color change means cleaning the application booth and application equipment with pressurized air and refilling the station with a new color.

Are powder coatings for wood suitable for exterior use?

Yes. Ultra-based powder coatings are available for exterior use. The interior grade is already resistant to yellowing by sunlight; but an outdoor grade is also available with very good gloss retention for exterior use.

Can I copy the appearance of my current liquid paint?

Powder coatings often show more orange peel than liquid coatings. Ultra-based powder coatings however are available in extremely smooth grades; while different gloss levels and colors can be achieved. What’s more, powder coating also creates other possibilities like fine and coarse texture, hammer finishes and metallics.

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