Uralac® Ultra

The powder of possibilities.

Beauty and toughness – that lasts

When it comes to the key features that define Uralac® Ultra, the eyes don’t lie. It delivers outstanding aesthetics – from vibrant colors to fine and textured finishes. But behind the beauty there’s a real toughness. Uralac® Ultra resists everything from water, chemicals and UV, to everyday wear and tear –delivering scratch and stain resistance. Most importantly: Uralac® Ultra is proven to deliver this long-term, from the office to the kitchen to the playroom, and beyond. Where next? That’s up to you…


Powder coating colors? The choice is yours

First impressions count – and what could be more important than finding the right color? Choose Ultra to bind your powder coat paint colors and you get the freedom to work with virtually any type of pigment – it really is up to you. Unlike some UV powder coatings, the pigmentation in coating colors isn’t compromised by prolonged exposure to light, no matter which pigment options you use, from the UK to South Africa to Australia (and everywhere in between).



The feelgood factor: From smooth coating to matt finish

How does your furniture feel? From high-end cabinets to mass- produced chairs it’s essential to have options when choosing a finish – from a fine matt finish that can’t be attained with conventional powder coatings, to silky smooth coatings with anti-glare options. Our Uralac® Ultra technology enables you to choose from a wide variety of gloss levels, tailored to your specific needs. All powder coatings made with Ultra are strong and seamless (not always the case with some competitive systems like foils). After all, who wants to see the join?


Looking for a textured coating? We’ve got you covered

Consumers are fast falling in love with textured coatings that bring a unique style to their home. Powder paints give you a clear competitive advantage over conventional liquids thanks to their ability to create a broad array of complex aesthetics. But what is a textured paint without the right binding technology behind it? Finding high-quality powder finishes for textured coatings – at the right price – isn’t always easy. But when you spray on a coating made with Uralac® Ultra you won’t have to take the rough with the smooth…because it enables you to achieve both types of finishes (unlike some coating systems). It’s ideal for furniture that requires a fine finish with features like wrinkling.


The clear choice for a transparent coat

Is it really possible to provide a beautifully clear, transparent coat for wood using powder coatings? Unlike conventional two-and-three-layer systems, Uralac® Ultra doesn’t require a primer and topcoat. It delivers a natural varnish-like finish that really brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain (anfeurung) in a single application - with long-lasting performance and no yellowing. Just spray Uralac® Ultra onto your substrate and see for yourself.



An anti scratch coating that’s as smooth as silk

Scratches, bumps and abrasions are part of everyday life. In fact, you could say they’re part of the furniture. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Powder-based anti scratch coatings, anti abrasion coatings and wear resistant coatings made with our Ultra advanced resin are ideal for MDF and engineered woods used in everything from heavy-use contract furniture to high-traffic domestic architecture, to high-end kitchen surfaces, to window frames. The bottom line: to satisfy consumers with rising expectations around aesthetics, choosing the right coating really is worth it.


Lighting the way in UV resistant powder coating

How can you avoid discoloration and yellowing in furniture and internal architecture caused by exposure to daylight? Simple: Choose a UV resistant power coating made with our Uralac® Ultra advanced binding technology. It’s ideal for MDF, coated plywood and other engineered wood; it’s proven to perform for manufacturers in applications like kitchen cabinets and panels; and the industry agrees. Uralac® Ultra has passed the industry Blue Wool Scale test for light resistance (with flying colors).



Barrier coatings: putting protection first

What use is a protective coating unless it really protects? Whether you’re looking for general barrier coatings, chemical resistant coatings, water repellent coatings or anti-stain coatings, Uralac® Ultra binding technology delivers the protection you need in powder-coated MDF applications – long-term. In fact these properties have been confirmed across a range of key industry standard tests, including NEN-EN 12720 (resistance to cold liquids); Blue Wool Scale (discoloration); and hinge hole benchmarking (known as the swelling test or the Ledro test). So rest assured, we’ve got you covered.


Need chemical resistant coatings? You’re in the right place.

As most of us know from first-hand experience, keeping furniture and interior architecture clean is a never-ending job, hence the important of surface coatings that do their job. Uralac® Ultra advanced binding technology is ideal for creating chemical resistant coatings that are easy-to-clean and withstand all that detergents and cleaning products can throw at them. Whatever the application it helps provide proven, long-term chemical resistance, as proven in NEN-EN 12720 testing for resistance to cold liquids. The irony? Uralac® Ultra itself is entirely solvent free…


Make a splash with water repellent coating

It isn’t just kitchens and bathrooms that suffer from humidity. Major brands have told us that a growing number of their customers live in hot, humid climates all year round. By adopting water repellent coatings based on our Uralac® Ultra binding technology you can guarantee a super waterproof finish with great anti-mold performance and outstanding humidity resistance and no yellowing, peeling or swelling of the wood. In fact it’s been proven in the industry standard hinge hole benchmarking test. As our customers are increasingly discovering, why choose a water borne topcoat when you can enjoy the power of powder for water resistant wood?


No stain, no pain (with easy to clean coatings)

Accidents happen. Which is fine…provided you’re able to put them right. So when it comes to choosing the ultimate anti stain coating for MDF, look no further than a powder-based solution made with our Uralac® Ultra advanced binding technology. Uralac® Ultra delivers an easy to clean coating that’s resistant to everything from coffee and mustard to red wine – as proven in the industry standard NEN-EN 12720 test. In fact, with Uralac® Ultra’s fast and efficient single-layer coating system you don’t even need a topcoat; so you’re not only protecting your product…but also your profits. And it’s entirely solvent-free.

Key benefits of Uralac® Ultra

Design freedom

Uralac® Ultra provides a strong, seamless finish – with either textured or smooth appearance – at multiple gloss levels and in many colors.


Uralac® Ultra -treated products have been submitted to key industry standard tests, such as NEN-EN 12720, Blue Wool Scale and hinge hole (Ledro test) benchmarking.


Uralac® Ultra’s fully automated, one-step, low-temperature curing finishing process delivers significant savings in terms of time, labor and energy use.

Uralac® Ultra case studies

Frequently asked questions

How is it possible to spray powder on standard “non-conductive” MDF?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Is special MDF needed for powder coating?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Can I use my existing powder coating for metal oven for curing MDF powder?

Most of the conventional curing ovens are convection ovens but the best results for MDF are reached with infrared radiation (IR) ovens. With IR ovens, the surface of the MDF can be heated up quickly to cure the powder coating, while the core of the MDF stays relatively cool. With convention ovens, the temperatures are often too high or the core of the MDF heats-up too much because of the longer time needed to reach the curing temperature.

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