Uralac® Ultra

The powder of possibilities.

Brilliant performance at a better price

Imagine a powder coating for MDF and engineered wood that can be processed 10 times faster than liquid coatings; that can unlock cost savings of up to 45% for coating companies; and is proven to perform long-term in a wide range of environments and applications – safely, solvent-free and sustainable. All this (and more) is now a reality thanks to our Ultra advanced binder technology, and the team of application experts behind it. So, if you thought you already knew the benefits of powder-coating for MDF, maybe it’s time to think again… 

Be more competitive with Uralac® Ultra

Design freedom

Uralac® Ultra provides a strong, seamless finish – with either textured or smooth appearance – at multiple gloss levels and in many colors.


Uralac® Ultra -treated products have been submitted to key industry standard tests, such as NEN-EN 12720, Blue Wool Scale and hinge hole (Ledro test) benchmarking.


Uralac® Ultra’s fully automated, one-step, low-temperature curing finishing process delivers significant savings in terms of time, labor and energy use.

Uralac® Ultra sustainability facts

Uralac® Ultra resin contains no solvents or toxic materials like VOCs, providing better indoor air quality for all.

Uralac® Ultra unique single-layer coating process uses less energy and no water and materials.

Uralac® Ultra has a carbon footprint five times lower than solvent-borne coatings.

Virtually 100% of the powder paint overspray is recyclable.


Different finishes

From matt and gloss to textured finishes, Uralac® Ultra delivers the feel-good factor.


Uralac® Ultra is proven to perform long-term in the toughest environments.


Uralac® Ultra resists UV, liquids, chemicals, stains, scratches – and more.

What others say about Uralac® Ultra

“We also believe that powder coating technology had reached the level of sophistication where we wanted to use it”. 

Filip Laureyssen, Kempa’s Customer Care Manager

“We are always looking for ways to reduce costs but they should never impact quality. Fortunately, these powder coatings deliver on both”.

Paul Maeyninckx, company owner Kempa 

“There are many benefits in powder coatings. First and foremost, they are totally toxin free”.

Walter Schweiger, company owner Finima by Schweiger GmbH

Uralac® Ultra case studies

Powder Coating Benchmarking

Frequently asked questions

How is it possible to spray powder on standard “non-conductive” MDF?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Is special MDF needed for powder coating?

For the application of the powder, the moisture in the MDF is used for conductivity. A moisture content of 4-to-8 percent of weight is sufficient to attract the powder.

Can I use my existing powder coating for metal oven for curing MDF powder?

Most of the conventional curing ovens are convection ovens but the best results for MDF are reached with infrared radiation (IR) ovens. With IR ovens, the surface of the MDF can be heated up quickly to cure the powder coating, while the core of the MDF stays relatively cool. With convention ovens, the temperatures are often too high or the core of the MDF heats-up too much because of the longer time needed to reach the curing temperature.

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